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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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go onto beinger and better thing but i did some back calculations here and that is, you know over 70 -- what is it 73 days of your life have been spent in board meetings here in this champ better yourself and just alone in public comment if you take averaging generally speaking it's over 500 hours in public comment and that is 20 days of your life have been in public comment and so i can't wait to see you in public comment at the next board immediate peating and i know you are not going to be there and so i was looking through and found some old pictures and so i put an old deck here but jest i don't know if you can put pull it up on the screen here but -- i don't know if ughs you guys can pull it up
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... i don't know if it needs to be sensorred we will see. it's probably too late at this point. all right so a few things learned from my perspective sean was somebody who supported him earlier on and sean was certainly a big mentor to me burg the process but thereby a number of thing that i have learned and first of all, embracing the moment and found some old pictures of sean back if 2004 when he was first a point and i recall not being political conscious in san francisco and working in silicon valley and see things guy on trunch and is so really
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friendship matters here at the board of supervisor and is so there are some real pictures we have dug up of you with some people throughout not only of city hall but outside, colleagues department heads and so forth, and you have always -- you know created these friendships throughout city hall and it's such a lesson learned for every within of us on how we operate here at the board chamber and is when i came in, before hand it was more of a fractured board and i think nevertheless you created these friendships on the board of supervisors that was from the giant's celebration the other week here in san francisco in city hall, and well i don't know how chris detail aye got in there but i thought i would light epiif up for you but really, the friendships that you have cultivated have been pretty incredible and in fan
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campaigning we have found some pictures of shop's campaigns from here he had cookied made of himself on the bottom left, before you just some old pictures of him and some old comcast videos and some pictures of him looking like a real tough guy up in district seven and then the one button of the sean for mayor button but those of you who you helped support during campaignings and the notion of campaigning hard but also being out in the neighborhoods was something we all learned from you and being a stateman and representing the can of san francisco with integrity we found some old pictures of you that were follow upy. keep going. but, they were you know, you have been someone who has represented not only district seven but the city and county of san francisco
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incredible well and now, you are going to so with senior feinstein and i think the one dmeafnts made to me before is that upyou are probably one of the most authentic people that came into one of these chambers and losing a ten to one vote didn't matter to you. having fun nonetheless here are some fun pictures of sean here in his office over the years and enjoying his time and i don't know what you said to andy ross there but to take this job with a grain p salt and i think we can all learn a lot of lessons from that and it's something that you taught and i do appreciate the fact that you take a lot of joy and do take a lot of joy in this job and you stand for what you believe in. you did the -- community and
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prop c last year and there is a lot of pictures there about a lot of the effort that you put into in terms of prop c and interpretation of going around and getting the significance it was not easy and it's not always take an easy read here as a supervisor and it's about standing up for what you think is right and then if you put it back on, these are the ones that are my favorite let your expressions do the taking here at the board of supervisor and is we have had funny pictures that we have gathered over the years here of your expressions here at the board and aside of swapping the microphones out and i think you can flip to the in connection one and the expression of boredom has been perfected over the years here and there is so many of them and flabbergasted, is another expression, you have shown us well and you know, the next
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one, but in case, yeah, it was photo shopped by someone a birdie in the family but in case anyone knows if their son every gets their attitude, here's poor little michael getting cranky but i think the most important thing i have learn from sean sitting here in the board of supervisors someone also who has children is as many of us do is really keeping family first and seeing you with michael and me with madison and jack and cane but really being a how you handle that and your job here with the board of supervisor and is is incredible and even some of the pictures of mike in your chair and i have some of mike
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and madison in my chair and i think that attribute to who you are as a person and i'll remember you not only as a mentor and personal friend, someone to look up to for what you have accomplished on the board but also someone to really respect as a father and as a husband and how you dealt with that on the board of supervisor and is so sean we are going to miss you a ton and i know that we are going to work a lot together in your new role with senior feinstein and welcome back anytime. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor cohen? i first met sean elsburnd when i was -- somewhere in 2004 also ironically the same asylum time i met carmen chu. but we
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began to quoth watch sean's career unfollowed as the board board laze horizon [spelling?] and so, just how it man nested and this is a guy that started off as a legislative aid, to a supervisor to the supervisor the district seven. become to board liaison and then get approved to board supervisor and ran in his own right and it's been remarkable to stand by the shrines and watch you. personally when i first ran -- when i first got the idea to run for office, sean elsburnd was not the first,
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actually i think fee i don't evenna may have been one of the first thank i have reached out to talk to and he brought me into his office and it was around september of 2009 and i said, sean i'm thinking about running for supervisor and he said mal lea are you sure? and then he showed me his bar of scotch. and is this not public information -- i'm sorry -- my apologizes and he sat me down for a couple of hours and walked neither through the ins and outs of what to did and he said get out there and when you come out you come out strong and i took his advise and definitely
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credit that advise for helping me for becoming a member of the boards of supervisor and is so i want to say thank you and now one of the thing that happened after the election and i said, sean i did it and he said yes you did and then he walked me from his office into the champ better -- sorry and he turned on the lights, and it was empty and i remember this profound sense washed over me and it was a sense to serve san francisco but it was a sense that to share with sean somebody i looked up
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to -- sorry you know how difficult this is going to be for me and i was going to try to kef my exposure because one of the thing that i admire most about sean is that he has a demand and respect for board rules. he stands up every single time he speaks. and that is something that he doesn't even tell anyone to do and no one telling us you to do it, its something that is modeled and he has demonstrated it even when he was upset and tossing the mike around he still stood up when he had a rebuttal he stood up when he disagreed he stood up and when he agreed he stood up and i think that is really quintessential because sean stands up. when he was the only one on that ten-one vote he still stands up. he respected
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this chamber and respects this pull. pick up and you don't see that very often and so i want to say thank you. it's also refreshing to serve on this board with all of the san franciscan and is we don't always agree on everything but we do have one thing in common we want san francisco to educate to house and to take care of it's own no matter what side of the aisle no matter what your social economic increase level, it's always san francisco first with him and i think that is really whats important. that is one thing that i take away with my service with him is he has always offered to advise either whether it was
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unsolicited i has always overed advise even when it was unsolicited and it has been very interesting too to observe him and how he waved his irish cult tram pride into everything that he does and he certainly does in my eyes and planted a seed of interest i look forward on the next trip to ireland -- hint hint whoever is organizing that and it has also been very beautiful to watch his relationship with his wife jennifer johnson grow it's been a privilege watch but i didn't watch michael be conceived but i did watch him grow but to know that they were two separate entities that came to be and i think the role of jennifer she was also very helpful in helping me make the transition and
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helping me understand the benefits and what it means to serve san francisco and how she was just very helpful in that transition and as a family as a collective unit i believe this couple is expemple player in their service ask time. last week i was leaving city hall and i said, how many ebbs do you have tonight and he said are you kidding i'm going home to have dinner with my wife and effect friend. and i said, that is beautiful i have got three toaivet go to. but that is the core that drives sean that family value. you know it's irreplaceable you cannot make that stuff up. so i'm just going to leave it here and thank you shop i hope i have not made you too uncomfortable but i have really a a very eager pupil at your field watching and
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learning and hopefully, we will be able to continue to make you proud and as i continue to work on behalf of san francisco. thank you. . >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor kim? thank you. hard to follow that but to go along with what david chiu said earlier about a six -years-old in a body of a 36 wraryld and people would say you are too young to serve on the board of supervisors and i would say i'm almost the age of sean he else bunches but i am i have to say i have an incredible amount of respect for you on the board of supervisors not only are you incredible intelligent
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but prepared and knowledgeable and everyone here appreciates and demise your passion around a number of issues here in san francisco whether it was a pension a healthcare reform or whether it was planning. and i sat in on a counsel meeting one day on an item being held at the committee and the meeting was going long and we were going into public comment and one of your staff members came in and brought in the book from the e i r and you flipped to one of the pangs and start reading and i thought wow you are actually reading the entire e i r because i think most of us skim through the e i r's and skim through and but i doubt that most of us go through the e i r's and you
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turned to me and said, this is actually my third time reading it. that was a standard you set a bar for me when you is he that to me and that was a bar that i felt i had to be able to come close to may be not the third time but, i really do respect that. i have always admired your dedication and the faint that you don't lie to come in unprepared to an ortho argument and i do apologize that i was not able to replace chris daily in that role to continue the lively debates and discussion that is had happened prior to me. i know that you used to be -- there used to be that diagonal dynamic that habe is not as in existence as it was in the past but i'll say one thing sean, in admire ages i did not find that appeal on your
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birthday and i hope you remember that one when i call on you your birthday when i call on you in work ring for the city and county of fraction and also i have a lot of respect for your love and dedication to your family and a lot of us know that you could have continued on and run for other offices here in san francisco asked made an acknowledgement of your family not to continue and a lot of us in the political realm that is something challenging to do to include your family within your personal career as pirptions when you could have done more much this elective life and i know malia brought up the love for your family but some. our legislative staff have been
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waiting with shots to get the festivity started and so thank you sean for your years of service. thank you very much mr. president i'll try to keep it brief and needless to say, i don't believe that sean elsburnd was the first people to endorse he for supervisor but, one of the things that, became very clear to my when i first got elected and started talking to colleagues on the board of supervisors was how seriously sean else person takes this job and i don't know that i fully appreciated how challenging this job can be. it's a job that
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really dmadle the very best of all of us to do this right besides the legislative work, the work that happens in terms of you know serving addressing the nuts and bolts of what happens in a neighborhood, what was so incredible about coming on the board and talking to sean was just learning from him how he approached it up you know that the fact that he saw this as an opportunity to serve and that he took this seriously and it it's something that has stuck with me and the fact that all of us by virtue of our service here are lucky and privileged to serve san francisco and that we really owe if to the people that we represent do this job as well as possible and that is what i
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learned from sean elsburnd and i also learned that not with standing some of the tough appearance that you get that he is truly a kind individual and very gracious and sort of the curtsies that he extends his colleagues and that is greatly appreciated. but the most important thing about sean else person for me is that i do i believe that sean elsburnd has helped to headache me a better supervisor. really sometimes tend to be on the opposing side of issues and as someone who has a different perspective and is i know that when you come into this chamber and you are going to take about a given issue that you better be ready, be prepared and better have read all of the materials it and that you better be on top of your gram because
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you know that sean elsburnd will be. you know that he will have read all of the documents he will have read every single piece of information on a given issue and that he is someone who's going to make a strong case as is possible. and, that makes you strive to be the best you can be. and that is something that i really appreciated about you sean and i really appreciated you for that because it helped me be better when i came in here and i preebt appreciate the fact that i can come in here and have are a disagreement but have a good working relationship and we may not be on the same page but i always respected you and what i can say about all of us searching in your capacity is serving san francisco is the
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highest compliment that you can give someone and by that measure, you can say that i have a great deal of admire ages four and great deal of respect and i hope that wherever life takes you you continue your service to the city of san francisco and that is the thing about these jobs is they do take you away from your loved ones and i-you know i know that it's not good-bye, and you know, the interesting thing about the two supervisors that we are saying good to at least saying farewell to today is that with each one of them, you can see how genuine they were and you knew where they stood and i think it's
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great that san francisco you know, gets to have those kinds of represents but anyway, sean congratulations. >> thank you supervisor chu. >> instructor: that you very much i i think so we knew that this was coming and i have to say that out of all of my colleagues here i'm the one that has served the longest with you and there is a lot of pressure to think about all of those different theabt might have happened all throughout the years and it has really been a pleasure and a joy to serve with you coming on the board when i was viers appointed i didn't know left from right or moderate from progressive it was not something that i was naturally involved with and you really helped to guide me and you
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really helped me to understand and think about how it is that i can seven the best that i can for my district and so there are a lot of important legsons that i have learned from you and one making sure that you takeel all of the hard issues they main be the most sexy issues but they are important and so whether it's pension reform or flay structure and planning you tackled all of those issues and the city is better off for it and in terms of knowing the rules very important to know the rules and understand that and taking a quick look we were doing a bit of research about all of the times that you stood up and fought for the thing that you cared about and also knew how do it. >> google search online.
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november 2008. --. >> july 2009. elsburnd fights daily over two commission nominee and is of course, 2010, elsburnd use as trick of parliamentary procedure to keep patrols off the ballot and i remember this meetings and there was a very veep intense moment when you kept standing up and dividing the file and another provide ore kept going back in and adding back to it and i add added that in the proceeding in the records and there are about six pages of motions that were taken biby supervisor elsburnd in that intans instance and so i want to show how important it was that sean knew how to fight for things and all of the parliamentary procedures to do that and but what i think has
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been said over and over again is how important that you helped us understand the balance of being elected the and having family and essential balance and that is what i appreciated and learned the most from you you are a wonderful dad to michael i see it all the time when he is in the office with you and he runs through the halls and aura wonderful husband to jennifer and a tremendous friend to me and i know that we are going do miss you all so much. and i have a little bit of a gift for you just in case there is a time when you miss us here at the board chambers and so i want to thank you so a memorial to the
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sake nice fies of public service and the city and county of san francisco will all be grateful and this is all used from material that we are going to discos of. no city funds were used for this but this is something very valuable to us and for sean, we will miss; you. okay.. >> supervisor mar? yeah, i sure hope that he is going to spike the mike before he leaves today so we can all watch this and i want to thank supervisor farrell for the great slide show and i know that sean had a great relationship with my predecessor cor cor and when i first came in you sat me down and offered to advise me about everything from flex spending accounts to board of trustees benefits and
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everything and i'll miss where you are widow dominate and respect for the institution that you brought and i also want to say a good memory as is when we played softball together. on a team against the sheriffs we got beat pretty baddly and so i'll remember us working as a team and thank you for a great service and for being a great colleague on this board. >> thank you sean. . >> ms. olague. for me this is old san francisco values you represent the more 67ive district and you obviously take a lot of pride in your catholic upbringing the fact your irish heritage and i think you represent a lot of those old